About us

Vision & Mission

  1. Located right in the center of the northeast part of the Boso Peninsula, Chosei aims to be a challenging school that promotes the rich inheritance of tradition along with creating new solutions for problems in an ever-changing society.
  2. Chosei aims to achieve an education that balances mind, moral, and the body as well as offer ways to acquire necessary skills that include thinking, judgment, and expression.
  3. We are a school that promotes advancement for students realize the grave importance of polishing each other into model students and acquire scholastic abilities to be accepted by top institutions following graduation.
  4. As one of the main features of this school, the Super Science High School(SSH) program has the target of requiring students to participate in cooperative research so that they will be prepared to enter and thrive in an internationalized society.
  5. To pay respects to the local traditions and cultures, we aim to be a school that makes contributions to the surrounding area.