Education Policy
1. To understand each student well, know their individual characters and abilities, and train themselves to contribute to the progress of society with the development of their individual merit.
2. Students should have a consciousness within a group, respect others as well as themselves, and train themselves to be a well-minded, harmonious person who cooperates with others.
3. We believe that students should aim to have a strong spirit, and strength to establish their life path.
School features
Students can learn what they want, according to their future goals and the course.
Students can study their favorite subjects and the subjects which they want to study more intensively.
Students can do various activities by using societies and clubs about the school that feature these subjects.
This school is designed for today's life-long learning society, and deeply involved with the area.

School Events
2nd Semester System.

The first semester
April Welcome ceremony for new teachersEThe first term opening
Entrance ceremony
Orientation (1st grade)
Foundation day
May Course explanation (3rd grade)
Green School (1st grade)
Excursion (2nd grade, 3rd grade)
General assembly of student council
June 1st exam
Medical check week
Subject selection fair
Interview week - with parents
July 1st exam
Medical check week
Subject selection fair
Interview week - with parents
August School fair for the junior high school students (2)
September Emergency awareness lectures
Drill to prevent disasters
Kanae Festival (Field Day)
2nd exam (September 25-29)

The second semester
October The second semester opening ceremony
Election of the student council members
November Subject Decision Day
December Giving advice to the students about entering
School excursion (2nd grade, four days)
3rd exam
Interview week with the parents
January Entrance exam (Recommendation)
February Learning motivation lecture (2nd grade)
March Entrance exam (Test)
Graduation ceremony
Final exam (1st grade, 2nd grade)
Induction for new students
Closing ceremony

Extracurricular Activities
Sports Culture
Volleyball Symphonic orchestra
Basketball Chorus
Badminton Fine arts
Table tennis Calligraphy
Gymnastics Literature
Judo Drama
Kendo ESS
Kyudo Science
Swimming Computer and electronics
Track and Field Social Studies
Baseball Tea ceremony
Soccer Flower arrangement
Team handball Photography
Softball Japanese chess
Rugby Cartoon and animation
Tennis Movie
Soft tennis Handicrafts
Mountain Climbing Guitar

This school consists of the Management Study Exchange Block, the Physical Education Block, Classroom Block I II, Fine Arts Block, Outdoor playground, and the Seminar House.

Facilities are connected by the passage called Main Passage. There is an elevator in the Management Study Exchange Block and there are four more elevators in the seven-story Classroom Blocks.

Because there are no stairs in the school building, there are no problems for wheelchair access.

Students can use "Community Plaza" which is enclosed by the school buildings to hold assemblies, and there are students who enjoy lunch with their friends when the weather is fine.

School Outline
3-1-6 Wakaba, Mihama-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba-ken 261-0014 Japan
Full-time, Ordinary course
The number of the students(quota)
first grade 15 classes 600students
second grade 18 classes 720 students
third grade 18 classes 720 students total 2040 students
Site area
School buildings
The area of all the buildings 34,441m2 Made from medium height layered reinforced concrete blocks
Classroom block I,II
Main passageECommunity plaza
Fine arts block
Management study exchange block
Physical education block
Indoor swimming pool
Seminar house
Japanese archery place

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